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Apache Junction Animal Hospital

Apache Junction Animal Hospital

If you are searching for “Apache Junction Animal Hospital” Augusta Ranch Animal Hospital can help! We are less than 4 miles away from Apache Junction in Mesa, Arizona.

Animal Hospital Services In Apache Junction

We offer a variety of animal hospital services in Apache Junction including, but not limited to:

Well Pet Exams

Animal Surgery

Sick Pet Exams In Apache Junction

We can diagnose your sick pet and recommend treatment options to get them back in better health.

  • In-clinic laboratory blood testing within 30 minutes
  • Problem based diagnostics and therapies

In-Hospital Digital Pet X-rays

Highest Quality and Most Current Vaccine Technology

Come and receive your pet’s vaccinations at our animal hospital in Apache Junction.

  • Customized to fit your pets specific needs and risks
  • Most current vaccine technology
  • Highest quality and ratings for safety
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Dog Vaccinations
  • Cat Vaccinations

Animal Dental Cleaning and Oral Pet Exams

  • Pet Dental Cleaning 
  • Designed to prevent pain and tooth loss
  • Evaluates health of teeth and screens for oral cancers
  • Includes Digital X-ray

Spay and Neuter Surgeries Apache Junction

  • Using the safest anesthesia to ensure a safe and comfortable procedure for spaying and neutering cats and dogs
  • Superior pain management
  • Individual procedures and one-on-one monitoring and for the safest procedure possible (no assembly line)

Animal Ultrasound

  • Immediate surveys and scheduled specialist referrals in the Hospital

Hospital Care for pets

  • I.V. fluid re-hydration
  • Injury recovery
  • Illness treatment and monitoring
  • Parvoenteritis care
  • Organ failure treatments

Convenient Pet Pharmacy

Other Pet Care Services In Apache Junction

Pet Dental Care

Meet Our Veterinarians

Meet the our veterinarians in Apache Junction.

Schedule An Appointment To See Our Vets In Apache Junction

I love taking my dogs here. The only thing I can say is that I take my dog to get his nails cut quite often. I don’t know if his nails just grow that fast or if they aren’t being cut short enough. They are AMAZING with my animals though and I won’t take them anywhere else.
Cindy EDog Nail Trimming

If you would like to schedule an appointment with our veterinarians in Apache Junction, Arizona, give us a call today at (480) 380 – 6710 or get directions From Apache Junction to Augusta Ranch Animal Hospital.


Dog & Cat Dental Cleaning Mesa

Cat & Dog Dental Cleaning Mesa - Dog & Cat Teeth Cleaning

Are you searching for “cat dental cleaning” or “dog dental cleaning” or in Mesa, Arizona? If so, Augusta Ranch Animal Hospital can help! We provide (pet) dog and cat dental (teeth) cleaning services near you.

Call Us: (480) 380-6710

Dental Cleaning Is An Important Part Of Your Pet’s Health


At our Augusta Animal Ranch Hospital, your dog’s or cat’s dental cleaning includes:

  • Consultation: Complete consultation and oral exam done by one of our Veterinary Dental Specialists.
  • Tests: We test all organ function and other pre-anesthetic blood work prior to anesthesia and identify any risks or abnormalities.
  • Monitor: Electronic Monitoring, IV fluids and General Anesthesia – We are highly trained and experienced in pet anesthesia. You cat or dog’s anesthesia will be individualized to meet your pet’s needs and your pet will be monitored throughout the entire process.
  • X-Rays: Dental X-rays (Digital) – Digital x-rays or radio-graphs all us to get a closer look of your pet’s mouth and helps to identify fractured teeth, periodontal disease or oral cancer. These problems would not  be visible without digital radio-graphs or X-rays.
  • Teeth Cleaning: Thorough, teeth polishing and teeth cleaning (prophy)
  • Paperwork: Copies of EKG, Dental X-rays and anesthetic charts.
  • Comfort: The comfort of knowing your pet is receiving critical dental cleanings that can save you money down the road and prevent future dental disease for you pet.

How Often Should My Cat / Dog Receive Teeth Cleaning?

Experts recommend getting your pet’s teeth cleaned professionally every 6 months – 1 year depending on your breed of dog. If you are taking great care of your cat’s or dog’s teeth already, you may only have to take your pet every other year. However, always discuss your options with a vet before taking any serious action.

If your pet is starting to have really bad breath, it’s probably time to bring them in for a dental exam. Other reasons to schedule dental cleaning include difficulty eating, seeing blood on chews or bleeding gums.

Cat & Dog Dental Exams

Most pets should receive a dental exam at least once a year. This dental exam includes, subgingival and supragingival cleaning, polishing, intraoral evaluation and further periodontal therapy. Pet dental cleanings at Augusta Animal Ranch Hospital involves removal of calculus and plaque, either with sonic/ultrasonic instruments listed above, hand instruments or gingival margin, intra-oral radio-graphs, periodontal probing, charting and more treatments such as extractions if needed or deep periodontal therapy.

Dental Treatment Options & Take Home Instructions

After the oral examination is complete, the initial treatment plan is set. The veterinarian will discuss a couple options and then the client will be able to decide of the treatment plan that best suits their pet. Next, the patient(pet) is anesthetized and the periodontal therapy begins. After the therapy is complete, you will be given take home instructions for caring for your pet from home.

Schedule Your Pet Dental Cleaning In Chandler or Gilbert


5 Star Review: “This office is fantastic. Dr. Oilver has been my vet for years. His compassion and knowledge are off the charts. I seem to have dogs with complex medical problems and I couldn’t ask for better care than his. Jennifer’s customer service at the front desk is warm and knowledgable. She is always on top of everything and willing to help wherever needed. My dogs are my kids and important members of our family and I feel like Dr. Oliver treats them like part of his family too. I recommend this office hands down! You won’t be disappointed. ” Sharon N.

To schedule your cat or dog dental cleaning in Mesa click here or give us a call today at (480) 380-6710.


Coccidia Mesa | Treatment Of Coccidiosis

Coccidia Treatment Mesa Coccidiosis

Are you wondering why your cat or dog is experiencing diarrhea? It’s possible they may have Coccidiosis or Coccidia in their intestinal tracks. Coccidea are basically small one-celled organisms (protozoans) that hide out in intestinal tracks of cats or dogs.

*Important – If your dog or cat is experiencing any signs of diarrhea (not just Coccidiosis), you should get your pet examined right away to avoid more severe symptoms or even death. Call us right away at (480) 380 – 6710 to schedule an appointment with our expert veterinarians. Read more about Coccidiosis below..

Coccidiosis disease is most commonly found in kittens and puppies that are six months old or less. Also, in adult cats or dogs whose immune systems are suppressed, or are stressed in different ways (for example; other disease present, change of ownership).

Symptoms of Coccidiosis?

As mentioned above, the most common sign of Coccidiosis is diarrhea. Depending on how severe the infection is, the diarrhea can be mild to severe (Mucous & Blood Present) in advanced cases. Animals with a severe case of Coccidiosis may even lose their appetite, vomit, dehydrate, or in few cases, die from cocccidiosis.

Risks Involved?

Most cases are mild but it’s not uncommon to see severe cases. The severe cases mostly come about in animals who are infected with bacteria, parasites, or other viruses at the same time. Also, Coccidiosis is contagious among young puppies.

What is the treatment of coccidiosis?

There are treatments available for Coccidiosis. The best way to treat and prevent Coccidia is by prescription drugs. However, drugs don’t kill the protozoans, rather they stop them from reproduction. This allow the puppy’s own immune system to fully develop  to kill off the organisms naturally.

Augusta Ranch Animal Hospital will recommend treatments based on your pets condition and overall health.

How Can I Prevent Coccidiosis From Spreading?

Coccidia can be spread by carrier animals, which makes it extremely important to have a strict sanitation plan. Fecal matter should all be removed from the home. Food and water should be clean at all times and should never be contaminated with feces. The best methods is disinfection include; steam cleaning, boiling water immersion, or cleaning with ammonia solution 10%. Also, making sure your home is free of pests and rodents is important as well. Insects and rodents can both carry coccidia. Humans on the other hand cannot be affected by this organism.

If your animal is experiencing diarrhea and you think it might be Coccidiosis, get in touch with Augusta Ranch Animal Hospital asap for diagnosis, and treatment options. Give us a call today at (480) 380 – 6710.


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