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Spaying and neutering pets is very important these days as we are facing a severe overpopulation of household pets. Shelters throughout the valley are routinely at capacity as they bring in more than 90,000 stray animals annually. That is a staggering number and this crisis is the reason that we offer such low pricing for spays and neuter operations. Our mission to be participants in the positive change of the current population trends while providing all we can to promote animal wellness.

We offer many procedures such as vaccinations, micro-chipping as well as spaying and neutering at our animal hospital in Mesa, AZ. We offer these procedures as stand-alone operations or as a part of several wellness packages we offer.

Aside from helping prevent overpopulation, there are many benefits to having your dog or cat spayed/neutered including:

 Benefits of Spaying Your Female Cat or Dog:

  • Prevents any chance of your pet contracting testicular cancer
  • Reduces aggressive behavior and the tendency to roam
  • Lowers the instinct to mark territory with urine

Benefits of Neutering Your Male Cat or Dog:

  • Prevents uterine cancer and infections
  • Reduces the chance of contracting breast cancer

Getting your pets spayed and neutered early in life is the only way to receive the best possible benefits of the procedure.

Our expert veterinarians perform safe procedures every time and are true lovers of all animals. Your pet will truly be in capable and loving hands with us! We price our procedures to always be affordable so pets and owners can enjoy each other without having life financially disrupted. Our philosophy and our highly attentive customer service have made us a leading clinic in the Valley of the Sun because our clients know they will be taken care of in a thorough and caring fashion.

We partner with shelters and rescue operations in the area and perform spay and neuter operations for them every year on top of the many spay and neuters that we perform in our animal hospital. Call us today and help the fight against the pet population crisis!

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